Nevada Hemp Center

Sierra Gold Certified

We process industrial hemp into oil, distillate, isolate and retail products. We are revolutionizing the cultivation of hemp in a desert environment to produce the highest grade hemp for our products. Sierra Gold leads the industry in 24/7 hemp processing techniques.

Pahrump, Nevada

Nevada Hemp Center, Pahrump

Our Southern Nevada location offers ethanol and rosin extractions. We produce crude grade CBD oil.

We then distill that CBD oil to make distillate or send it to Nevada Hemp Center, Lovelock, for isolation to make CBD isolate.

Nevada Hemp Center, Pahrump also uses 20-ton Ros1n rosin presses to create the highest grade CBD rosin.

Our facility there manufactures CBD products for white labeling or retail sale.

High CBD crude oil
High CBD crude oil

Lovelock, Nevada

Nevada Hemp Center, Lovelock

Our largest and most advanced hemp handling facility. Over 20,000 square feet of processing and storage, along side 7,000 square feet of greenhouse space for seed production.

Nevada Hemp Center, Lovelock, is focused on both genetics research, and ton-scale ethanol extraction.

High CBd Seeds
High CBd Seeds

Check out this great video of our second Nevada Hemp center location! Nevada Hemp Centers use ethanol, CO2 and rosin pressing to produce and develop high CBD products for wholesale and retail sales. To keep quality high, we produce seed for our partners in cultivation. This allows us to ensure the highest quality annual hemp crops for processing.